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Thanks soooo much for your friendship, girl! xo

Posted by Butterface89 on Jul 28, 10 1:37 pm · History

Hey boo!

Posted by 2013style on May 30, 10 4:10 am · History

Hey! Wazzup?

Posted by setanichan on Jan 30, 10 7:09 am · History

Your forum icon's the best yet I've ever seen! x'D

Posted by koescape on Nov 4, 09 10:33 am · History

Hello I added your DBSK Haute|Couture background and for a reason I'm not to sure of whenever someone clicks "add" or "message" it goes to their home page. Are you able to tell me what's wrong and how to fix it please.

Posted by AshleyJane on Sep 25, 09 12:03 am · History

Hi.I really love your work of Arashi and
I'm wondering if you can make me a Kat-Tun myspace layout.


Posted by amyy9 on Jul 23, 09 9:12 pm · History

omgeee plsse pretty pretty plssse kan you make me a layout like with my face pleassse?
i love the way you do yours pleassse im begggin! i'll do anythin

Posted by K-12-45-T-AL on Jun 28, 09 6:05 pm · History

Hey.. I Love ur u do request!...if so im BeggiN if u scratch my back ill scratch urs.. ill support yur layouts!! ur banners w.e.. but let me get to the point! im maintaining a singers page and hes an up and coming artist and he rly needs a hot layout bad... Can u please Juss write be back and let me kno wut ur thinkin ill really appricate it! thank you : )

Posted by beautymark on Jun 22, 09 9:21 pm · History

hey wats up

Posted by aneishaf on May 3, 09 11:11 pm · History

hi :] do you still take requests?

Posted by Mihan on Apr 12, 09 1:25 am · History

hi new in here..i love your work..
can i ask you something?would you make myspace layout for me?
i love arashi and matsujun..if you say no,i understand..

Posted by nasri on Mar 29, 09 12:49 am · History

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Posted by eposdirect on Mar 26, 09 6:21 am · History

oh we're just the same...
hope i pass to the exam....

Posted by setanichan on Jan 30, 09 11:04 am · History

actually you are right.
that sushi layout IS my

Posted by mei-mei on Jan 2, 09 11:35 am · History

thank you! :)

Posted by stormbringer on Jan 1, 09 11:11 pm · History

so we are at the same age...
because i'm graduating this year....
and i'm not kinda sure if i can pass the college exam....
really tense....
i tell to my friend that i can't find someone to help her right now....
so she's kinda sad....
his brother and her this november and they are still not ok to each other....
she thought this christmas is the right time....
but no....
she's really sad right now....
i thought finding her someone can be my gift for her but i fail....
hope you help me to help her....
my massage is kinda long LOL....

Posted by setanichan on Dec 25, 08 10:14 am · History

i understand,
i just like to help her....
hope someone can...
by the way,
what keeps you busy....

Posted by setanichan on Dec 19, 08 1:23 am · History

my friend is making a website.....
she don't know how to have a cute design on it.....
can you help her....
she asked me to find someone to help her...
because she can't find one....
i'll tell you more detail about it soon....

Posted by setanichan on Dec 11, 08 8:49 am · History

Hello this is Dynasty and we need a myspace page layout we are a singing group and was looking at your work and was wondering if you could make us a nice page layout?

Posted by bluegboro on Dec 11, 08 1:09 am · History

I'm fine! can i ask a favor to you?

Posted by setanichan on Dec 3, 08 11:09 am · History

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