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October 8 2007, 12:01 AM

god  go out of my way to make a custom layout

for someone..and they freaking remove the credits[thinking i wouldnt find out]


i spend my time doing something for someone for fucking free

and they do some shit like that


im gonna have to start hiding the credit in unexpected places



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i just used image shack :[ i dont want to be a credit whore,but some people just dont care about hard work,so you gotta do what you gotta do,lol

Posted by Saikou on Nov 25, 07 10:47 am

Well, this layout you made, where did you host the images that are on there? :] Because you should either delete them so they don't show up on the layout ORR keep them the same name, but replace them with images saying stuff :] just write your createblog URL all over it haha. :]

Posted by joespace on Nov 21, 07 5:58 am

some people just dont care,which is messed up.thank you so much i really appreciate that.:]

Posted by Saikou on Nov 1, 07 9:58 pm

why would someone do that, i think leaving the credits on makes them able to request one. your work is my favorite and i've had people ask me where i get them and i just say its on my page ^-^ keep up the wonderful as wonder bread work because its beautiful!

Posted by Violet-Chan on Nov 1, 07 7:00 am

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